Sunday, 18 March 2012


Japan is a country. They have lots and lots of volcanoes and they have tsunamis and earthquakes. Japans earthquake are very hard but their buildings do not break because they are made out of something strong but they are not strong enough for tsunamis.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Rugby is a type of sport. It is very dangerous because they always pile up on each other and they dive and trip people over. If they get the ball over the line that is called a try, for a try you get five points. If you got the try you will get to put it on the ground and kick it over the bar for that you get 2 points and for a drop kick or a penalty you get 3 points.


Tsunamis are very dangerous. They are made out of the sea and they get caused by a earthquake. You will know when a tsunami is going to happen because there is a sign for when it is coming. The sign is when the sea goes into one big wave. If you see the sea go out quickly you will have to run because that is the sign of a tsunami.  


Dinosaurs are a type of extinct creatures. They were born even before christ so they were from Bc (before christ). There are more than fifty eight types of Dinosaurs. Some Dinosaurs are meat eaters and some are vegetarian eaters. Vegetarian Dinosaurs eat leafs from trees and meat eaters go round the whole place and eats all the meat Dinosaurs and anything meat on the ground. Dinosaurs have very sharp claws and very very sharp teeth!

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the worlds fastest runner. He lives in Jamaica. Usain Bolt does the olympics (running) he does 100m and 200m. He also does an advert for Virgin the internet. When he wins arace he does a pose.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is the worlds best boxer. He comes from the Philippines but he lives in other countries as well. His best fight was against Ricky Hatton  because in the second round Manny Pacquiao got Ricky down by a punch up the chin. In that fight when Ricky Hatton got down he looked like a squashed sausage! Manny Pacquiao also sings songs!

Roman facts for children

Roman money is called a shilling. A shilling is 12p old money and a 5p new money that's because they changed the money rules. They do not have pounds so if there is something for a pound they have to count up the 12p and 5p coins to make a pound.

When the Romans go out war they go in a tortoise. A tortoise is when one of the Roman groups puts shields over everybody in there group.

Roman art is called mosaics. Mosaics are like puzzles but they are actually pictures to decorate their buildings first they have to make them. They can be on the roof, on the walls or even on the ground you can put them anywhere you want to put them in the building. Mosaics are made out of crushed up the rocks. They only use rocks that are the colours of the world.